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About HYFL

Mission Statement

The Harrisonville Youth Football League (HYFL) is a recreational, open enrollment football league. The purpose of the league is both recreational and educational, with the goals of instructing players in the basics of football, having fun, while still encouraging a competitive spirit. The HYFL is a member of the West Central Youth Football League.

Board Members

Harrisonville Youth Football Board members and officers are selected each year by vote of the existing board. Candidates are chosen by parents, coaches, current board members and volunteers.

West Central Youth Football League

League Information - The HYFL is a member of the West Central Youth Football League (WCYFL), and, as such, is governed by the rules of WCYFL. The WCYFL includes: Harrisonville, Pleasant Hill, Grain Valley, Odessa, Oak Grove, Ray-Pec, Butler, Holden, Warrensburg, Sedalia and Blue Springs. Each town has a representative which makes up the WCYFL Board.

Scheduling - All scheduling of games is done by the WCYFL, without regard to specific teams, coaches, or board members. HYF has no control over the scheduling of games, including the number of home or away games.

League Website - Scores, standings, addresses and maps for stadium locations can be found at the league website: Any feedback/complaints regarding any of the above items may be provided through the website as well. The contact for WCYFL is David Callaway (

Playoffs - Playoff structure may vary from year to year, at the discretion of the league. Playoffs are held the two weeks following the six game regular season. Teams are normally seeded, either by a point system, how they finished in their bracket, or both. Then, the teams will compete against those teams with similar results in a 2-game playoff. For example, the top four teams in the league would compete in their own playoff, the next four in their own playoff, and so on.